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“I know I’ve said it before but lots of actors are trying to pull their reels together right now. Moses ‘MOJO’ Jones did mine and it turned out great! He is super professional, extremely patient and easy to work with and can customize it to achieve just what you need. I have a couple different versions and he can do 1 min and 3 min reels.”

— Tasia Grant

“Extremely patient and very professional, once my material was received, Moses jumped right on it. He gave great advice and made great edits. I received my draft quick, and I love my final reel! I would recommend iconic invision to anyone. Can’t wait to work with him again!!”

— Andrene Ward-Hammond

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Moses! He was fast and efficient and gave me exactly what I was looking for when I envisioned my reel being put together. Thank you so much!”

— Monique A. Miller

“I am very happy with the final results, Moses was very professional and provided excellent costumer service. He answered all of my questions and gave me exactly what I was looking for! I will defenitly come back to him for future services”

— Giovanni Navarro

“Thank you so much Moses! You did a fantastic job! I really appreciate your hard work and I’d recommend you and use your services again!”

— Ebony Lynn Miller

“I really love my new reel. Not only does it look amazing, but it was done at a great price and I got it back when I was told I was going to get it back. Thank you for everything. I will be coming back when it needs to be updated again.”

— Briana Starks

“Moses’ reel production services are top notch. I was lacking a quality reel and went to Moses and it turned out to be one of best decisions I’ve made as a professional Actor. The reel I ended up with is highest in professional quality and has aided in me being submitted to and finding work through my agency and own hustle. If you are in need of a phenomenal reel showcasing your acting abilities and you in the best light, then Moses is your man.”

— Benjamin Welch

“Working with Moses was an absolute pleasure. Not only was he professional, but he worked really hard to make sure that I was satisfied and had the best reel possible! What would I have done without him?!? You’re the best Moses!”

— Chloe James

“Thank you so much for all your help! I searched high and low for quality work that was within my budget when I stumbled across your site! I am nothing short of amazed with the timeliness and quality of my reel. I cant wait to get this out there!

— Leesa Ashley

“Big thanks off top for everything you guys did to help bring my vision to life! ...Moses although we’ve never met - God Bless you brother. Your are a super talented cat.. your humility and humbleness will take you all the way to the top.. I’m sure it was not easy having to go back and forth with and newbie like myself, but you allowed me to do what I felt was necessary to be comfortable with my first video. You rock!!!!!”

— Que Anderson

“Wow! This service was extremely affordable, without compromising the quality of the product. Such an easy process and Moses really captured the essence of me and allowed my input from beginning to end. Thank you for your expertise and patience. Oh, and what a quick turnaround! This was a great experience. Ill be using Iconic InVision for my reels and audition tapings from now on!”

— Pamela Ricardo

“I highly, highly recommend Iconic Invision! I needed a demo reel put together on-the-fly, and Moses worked through the weekend to create a high-quality product I was proud to send out. The service provided by Iconic Invision was extremely professional and fast. Communication was thorough and easy with Moses at all steps during the process, as well. You can’t beat the price, either, especially if you are a NYC or LA-based actor. I look forward to working with II again in the future!”

— Lauren Osborne

“Thank you Moses. I love my demo reel and if there was an award for best company ever, Moses you would receive it. I am so thankful to you for your dedication to detail, professionalism and the best demo reels ever! It was an absolute pleasure to work with you and words cannot express my gratitude to you. I am impressed with all you did and am amazed with your excellent client service! I will be telling everyone about your company and look forward to sending referrals your way! Thanks again!”

— Linda Marie Sacks

“Iconic InVision is truly the epitome of professionalism. The founder, Moses Jones, takes special care to deliver products of the highest quality in a very timely manner. I would highly recommend Iconic InVision to anyone who wants to make an excellent impression with their audition tapes and actor reels!”

— Pacey Liz Walker

“If you need to be put on tape for an audition or need a reel, check out Moses. He is super professional and efficient. Moses provides good coaching and delivers great quality as well.”

— Tiffany Brown

“Just want to give a shout out and recommendation for any actors looking to work with an amazing guy for any demo reels or self tapings. My buddy Moses ‘MOJO’ Jones. He’s very professional and reasonable. I am looking forward to working with him again for my 2015 reel!”

— Justin Hooper

“Moses Jones has a clear and thorough understanding of the business of acting. He targets his services to exactly what an actor needs to further his or her career and he has the technical skill to produce high quality work. Throughout our entire interaction, he was very professional and attentive. I couldn’t be happier with the final product.”

— Lycan Scott

“My experience with Iconic Invision was such a pleasant encounter. I found them online. I needed an actor’s reel for my fourteen year old daughter. I reached out and within an hour I received a phone call. Told them what I need, price was quoted, I was sent an invoice. The Price was totally in my budget. I received the Reel back in a timely manner. I loved the reel. My daughter and her manager was so impressed. I will totally recommend their services to everyone! I need another reel that shows my daughter dancing and performing I will be back Iconic Invision. Thank you from the Kirby’s - Your awesome!”

— Monique Kirby

“Look, I know I said it before, but Moses Is absolutely, positively, unequivocally, hands down, top billing, the baddest MOJO in the town, and awe inspiring AMAZING! I had him create my demo reel, and he did a stunning job!”

— Sir Brodie

“Definitely the best company in the Southeast excluding nobody! Being located in Florida, I was searching for a great video company, and was unable to find one. After coming across Iconic Invision. I knew that it was the right fit. I gave Moses a couple of ideas, and his team made it happen! From the initial contact, to the completion of the reel Moses was available, and even ‘burned the midnight oil’ to get me what I needed! With him being in the industry, he understands casting as well. He got some of the top actors in Atlanta to perform. Moses ‘ MOJO’ Jones even gave me the hat off of his head to enhance the scene..... He really lives by his Mission statement!”

— Glen S. Wade II

“Moses always does an excellent job with my reel and with taping my auditions. He is very professional and gets it done in a timely manner. I recommend Iconic Invision for all your demo reel, self-taping, and editing services.”

— Ashley Evans

“I needed something professional, timely, and cost efficient...Iconic InVision met & exceeded my expectations!”

— TJ Jackson

“I was beyond pleased with the work Moses ‘MOJO’ Jones done for my Acting reel! Great quality and it was completed quickly!”

— Deontae Q. Vaughn

“Moses Jones creates the best reels around! Not only is he professional and efficient but his creative process brings out the BEST of you for an amazing finished product! I highly recommend him if you need a great reel!”

— Kerri Baldwin

“Shout out to Moses ‘MOJO’ Jones and Iconic InVision for putting together my reel. If you ever need an acting reel or video service feel free to contact. Great prices with great service and a turn around time that could kill.”

— Kris Branch

“I would highly recommend Moses “MOJO”Jones and Iconic InVision to all the actors out there who want a top notch quality demo reel and taping service for their auditions. Not only is he a “Jones” like me, but he is very professional and considering. The prices are great and the communication and patience is a plus. I had him create 2 of my demo reels and I was PLEASED with them both! Moses is definitely the man with the plan!”

— Dontrell Jones

“I just want to thank you for putting my reel together. When I called you I was feeling very unsure about how I wanted the reel to look or even if I had enough footage to make it work. After talking with you, you told me you could do it and do it the proper way. You didn’t haggle about things I wanted to you to do. I must say that you were easy to work with and that your work was done quickly and professionally. Thank you so much for completing a job well done.”

— Laulita Horton

“It was a pleasure working with Iconic Invision. The process was very simple and the service was extremely professional. I highly recommend the team at Iconic Invision!!”

— Adrienne Renee