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Got an Audition you need to record? Come BOOK with us! No Page Limits, No Time Blocks.

  • $20 Per Audition
    meaning per chararcter you are are reading for

Daytime, Nightime, and Weekend Hours Vary.

Text, Call, or Email to set up an Appt!


$30 p/Session (Sessions are 1 hr)

Not all the time are you completing auditions or working on set. So we wanted to create a space to develop your craft in the down time. Each session is designed to strengthen your talent in three areas:

  1. Script Analysis - using what the writer has provided you to formulate your character, motives, etc. 
  2. Character Development - creating unique choices that color your character
  3. Self Identity - understanding your traits, mannerisms, unique attributes that only YOU can bring to that role.

About the Coach: Moses received his B.A. in Telecommunications, with a minor in Theatre from Ball State University in 2010. Since moving to Atlanta, Moses has produced several indie projects, ranging from Reality TV to Web-Series to Short Films. As an actor, he has worked all across the board. Some of his work includes print work for ESPN, commercials for Hooters & Coca-Cola, television like ATLANTA and The Bobby Brown Story, and films with Ice Cube, Kevin Hart and Tyler Perry.